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Oriental Decorations

Oriental Decorations Systems LTD, known as one of the finest companies in its field that fuses technology with designs to achieve best results & capabilities, best practices with innovation, creativity with cost controls in delivering end products that enhance decors and aid ergonomics.

The company was first established thirteen years ago and has Mr. Tawfik Alakta as the Chief Executive Officer. The Company has grown in reputation and client base and rising to become the premier on-site.
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ORIENTAL Travel And Tourism

Oriental Group was established in 2001 in Ghana, Africa, through our network of our work and experience in the countries of Asia, Middle East and Arab Gulf. We have a special position in the tourism and travel industry in Istanbul, Turkey. Oriental Group is characterized by providing the best offers of tourism programs that vary between trips with group and individually, and cruises, as you can book at the largest and luxurious hotels in Turkey and all over the world at affordable prices with us, and achieve the maximum fun and excitement with your family and friends.

We seek to be the leading company in the field of tourism and travel by providing unique travel experiences and the best tourist offers with professional service and high efficiency in sales offices, and to be the preferred choice for travelers.
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ORIENTAL Real Estate

Oriental Real Estate Investments is a Turkish company based in Istanbul, where the extensive urban development offers our customers the best option in their real estate investments through strategic partnerships with major Turkish companies

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Aktaa Group

Aktaa Group was opened in the field of manufacturing furniture and interiors in general and import and export in the field of wood, aluminum and glass and the presence of a section for accessories and all other accessories.

Aktaa Group is an extension of the Oriental Group company in the field of wood and aluminum and its huge undertakings in this area was considered to enter the Turkish market by the owners of the company in Africa with the experience of eighteen years in this area and enter the Turkish market with the experience of previous years in this field.

The company is specialized in manufacturing all types of furniture and interior and exterior wooden decorations according to the latest modern designs and according to the latest manufacturing techniques in this field and the finest types of wood and accessories.
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